Welcome to GlitterTIND Summit 2022! 

May 18th - General Track (all products)
May 19th - DA Track
May 24th - IR / RDM Track
May 25th - ILS Track

This year, we will be hosting all sessions virtually. You will find meeting links in each of the schedule listings.

Meet with your fellow TIND users in the TIND Virtual Lounge, start a dedicated discussion in one of the Breakout Rooms or drop in to the live TIND Helpdesk. See the Event Guide for more information about how to participate.

We look forward to sharing and exploring with you!

We want you to get the most out of this virtual summit.  Here you'll find resources you need to connect with your fellow attendees and the TIND Team... 

Event Support:

Real-time Help
Contact us if you are having any issues finding a link or connecting to Zoom or for any immediate event support needs. You can also use the chat options below.

Interactive Sessions with TIND:

UX Exploratorium
We have times available to book in 1:1 or 1:many interactive UX discussions and demonstrations with our product team. Here's your chance to share all of your wildest product UX and design wishes or see some mock-ups of future UX changes planned for TIND. Simply sign up for a time slot here.

You will find the UX Exploratorium room listed in the Breakout Rooms section of the site.

TIND Virtual Helpdesk
We will have an open virtual helpdesk where you can drop in anytime during the event to troubleshoot with us in real-time. Bring your gnarliest questions or issues and get help or have your questions answered by our CX and technical teams.

You will find the TIND Virtual Helpdesk listed in the Breakout Rooms section of the site.

Using the GlitterTIND event site mobile app
We are using the Sched platform to host this year's user group meeting. You can also access the schedule and site as a mobile app.

Communicating and connecting with fellow attendees:

Event site (Sched) chat
The site we are using to host this event has a built in chat function you can use to communicate 1:1 or to a larger group of attendees.

The chat window is in the upper right hand corner of the page

Find and select the attendee(s) you wish to chat with and initiate chat with 'start chat' button at bottom of window.*

If the attendees have this site open on their browser or in their mobile app, they will hear an alert. Once they join chat session, chat away

*Note that in order to be discoverable in the attendees section of the site or in chat, you must enable your Sched profile to be public. 

Community Forum
We will be launching the TIND Community Forum on Day 1 of the summit (General Track) - you will have received an invite to join the forum prior to the event. We have set up a dedicated GlitterTIND 2022 channel for the purpose of sharing and connecting with other TIND customers. You can use this forum to post questions and comments or engage with other attendees.

Zoom Chat

Event sessions will be hosted on Zoom and will feature all of the usual meeting features and functionalities such as chat. Use the chat tools in Zoom to pose questions or presenters or attendees in the lives sessions.

Breakout Rooms
We have set-up a number of static Breakout Rooms available for your use during the event. We encourage you to use these spaces to connect with fellow attendees to dive deeper on specific topics or to get to know more about your fellow TIND users. You will find these breakout rooms on the GlitterTIND site here:

TIND Virtual Lounge
The TIND Virtual Lounge is a place to hang out and mingle. You'll find it in the Breakout Rooms section of the site (see above). We have scheduled in break times durning the events and, if you don't have pressing emails or other urgent tasks to respond to, we encourage you to grab a coffee and drop in to the lounge and say 'hej'.

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